Corben and Kristina

I was asked to be the official prom photographer for the Rosenthal house this year. This is a picture of my oldest son Corben Rosenthal and his pretty girlfriend Kristina DaVee. Their prom was on 5/24/08 and we went to Woodward Park and to the fountain at F&M Bank to take pictures. This particular photo was my favorite.

Photo credit Brad Rosenthal

Lincoln Monument 7/4/07

On my family's vacation to Washington D.C., the highlight of the trip was getting to see the huge fireworks show that is launched from the Main Mall. We were sitting about 100 yards down the hill from the Washington Monument (overlooking the WWII Monument and the Reflecting Pool). This picture was taken just before dusk. At the time, I didn't know how to adjust f-stop or shutter speed, so the picture is a little grainy. Evenso, it's cool how the mass of humanity gathered on the steps of the Lincoln Monument to watch the fireworks. We had a really good day.

Jefferson Memorial

I loved how this non traditional picture of the Jefferson Memorial turned out. There are so many great things to photograph in our nations capital, but the temptation is to just look at them head on and take the picture of the angle that is popular.

Arlington National Cemetery

During the summer of 2007 my family spent a week in Washington D.C. I had always wanted to see the fireworks display that is presented on the Main Mall for the 4th of July, and this vacation allowed me to see it. I may post several pictures form that vacation, because I was pleased with a number of the architectural pictures I took.

In this picture, you see the columns of the amphitheater at Arlington National Cemetery. It looks like the place is deserted, but actually there are 100s of people all around. I stood very still with my camera at the ready, just waiting on that instant that all people were shrouded by the cover of one of the columns for just a second to snap the picture. It was very challenging, but I think the result is a great looking picture.

Calven - Byrd Football 2007 Season

This is a picture of my youngest son Calven Rosenthal. He is now 14 years old and plays for the Memorial High School football team. This picture was taken last year when he played for Byrd Middle School. I was the team photographer and I shot stills and videos. I pieced all of the images together into a nice video that highlighted the Byrd 2007 football season (I will post the whole video sometime in the future).

Being a sideline photographer is dangerous. Don't believe me? Click this link to see YouTube video of Calven tackling me and destroying my knee!

Photo and video credit Brad Rosenthal

Henry the Dog

This is my new dog Henry. He is a full blood miniature dachshund and is very smart. He loves to ride in the car.

Arc de Triomphe

A nice picture of the French flag from inside the Arc de Triomphe. Celeste and I went to France in May of 2006 for our 20th anniversary. It was a very nice trip and we took some really great pictures.

Photo credit Brad Rosenthal