Winter Wonderland

Here is a picture of Cinderella's castle adorned in festive Christmas lights. (Click on the picture to really see how pretty it is!)

To Sandy: This is for you!

Weather Worn

I have been looking through my pictures from Celeste's and my Paris trip from a few years ago. I found several pictures that I'm pleased with that I'll be posting over the next couple of weeks. Several of the pictures I'll post are gargoyles from the top of Cath├ędrale Notre Dame.

The first is this image of two very weather worn statues. It struck me as odd that some of the gargoyles held up very well and others were so warn by time. My best guess is that some face into oncoming weather more than others. If you have a thought, or better, actually know the answer, post a comment.

See other, previously posted, images of gargoyles here and here.

Photo Credit: Brad Rosenthal

Calven in Flight

I'm sitting here watching Monday Night Football (Packers vs. Bears) so I thought another football picture might be fun. Here is one of Calven tackling a Webster player. I was pleased with this action shot.

It's always sunny just a mile up...

On a recent flight, I had my camera and happened to notice a beautiful sunset in the distance. (Note the tip of the wing on the right edge of the photo.)

Christmas Flowers

I took this picture of a poinsettia garden during my recent trip to DisneyWorld. For more flower pictures click here to see "Yellow Flower", also here to see "Morning Glories".

2008 Turkey Bowl

Here is a music video of the highlights (wow, that's a stretch) of this years Turkey Bowl football game. This year the game was generational, the youngsters against the old men. The old men won! This is a tradition started by Dick Carson and Steve Carson (both of Reptilicus fame), and to my recollection this is the 31st annual game. Of course the sound track could be by none other than the late great Maynard Ferguson, the track is "Admiral's Horn" from the album "Storm".

See additional still shots at my post Turkey Bowl: GENERATIONS.

Video credit Brad Rosenthal

Holly Ball

A really good picture of Calven Rosenthal and Kari Rosenthal dressed nicely and on their way to the Memorial High School Holly Ball!

If you're gonna, this is the one...

My friend Rainey recoils at the notion of drinking from a public fountain. In fact, she didn't even want to ride in the car with me once, because I did. Something about me having too many germs. That said, if you're ever gonna drink out of a public fountain, this is the one you'd want to do it from. These are standard drinking fountains in the Mid-Contentment Building where I work.

My Office View....

Not the best picture in the whole world but it does give you an idea of where I am. My office is in the Mid Continent Tower on 4th and Boston. I look out over Boston to the west.

Come visit, I'd love to show you the beautiful Mid Continent Tower lobby and take you on a tour of the downtown tunnels.

Beauty in Desolation

I took this picture this fall at Keystone Lake. I was taken by how dead and tangled everything was, but it was still very beautiful. Also, it's freaking Monday.


This is a fun picture of a Memorial 9th grade player getting his clock cleaned.

Yellow Flower

Is it too early in the winter to start being ready for the flowers to bloom????

Photo Credit Brad Rosenthal


Here are several pictures from this years annual Turkey Bowl. Participants include such notables as Dick Carson, Steve Carson, Jeff Howard, Blaine Bunch and Calven Rosenthal. This year was the Generations Game. Old Men vs. the Kids: Old Men won!!!