Gray in Color

Took this picture of my office building on a very gray cloudy day.  I did no PhotoShopping on the photo.

Henry the Dog!

Jeff on the Set

Jeff is currently in the process of making his third movie. This one is called "Teaching Faith". This was a good candid shot of Jeff on the set. The sun caught things just right.

Celeste's Iris

Pretty Kari

Kari's prom was yesterday and I got to take pictures! Kari was beautiful and Christopher was very handsome. I am posting several pictures at .

Yes Mr. Birch, everything looks very clean.

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Chris and the Fountain

This is Chris Eaton, Kari's boyfriend. This is a nice picture of him from at the F&M Bank Fountain from last years (2009) prom. Kari's prom (Memorial High School) is just a few days away and I'm anxious to get several great pictures of Kari and Chris again this year. There are a couple of other good shots from the 2009 prom at "Jealous of the Statue" and "Goofy Kari and Christopher" . Check back next week for new prom pictures.

Springtime at Woodward Park

They smell alot like they look...

Epcot at Night This is from Celeste's and my vacation to Disneyworld back in November of 2008. We were exiting Epcot after the fireworks show and the lights changed on the Epcot giant ball. I love how it goes from orange to blue then to the dark black sky.