Can't wait for the new season!

Calven has been getting letters from the Kansas Jayhawks, Stanford and other smaller schools. It's all very exciting! Summer Pride starts the week after school let's out. Calven is scheduled to attend camps in Norman and at the University of Kansas. .

Corben and Kari

A good picture of Corben and Kari in the lobby of the Mid-Continent building.

Decided to start blogging again...

It's been almost a year since I've updated my blog and I've missed it. Just an update for those who are wondering, I'm no longer with StoneHenge having left in November. I'm looking for a position currently, and that includes working at developing my own company, Failsafe Hazmat Compliance.
Visit for pictures of the kids, Henry, prom season and football. I am also working on several new short movies that will be coming soon.