More from Paris

Here is another gargoyle from the top of Notre Dame.  It looks like Kari Rosenthal will be studying for a semester in France next year, so maybe some new pictures with a fresh perspective if Celeste and I go to visit her while she's away.  For the next few days I'll finish off my chosen shots from Paris and be done with this round.

Mid Town Classic 2011

I haven't been posting pictures for a while, so I think I may start up again.  Some of them are from older trips, but they're still good (I think).  Anyway to get things started off, here are a few pictures from the 2011 Memorial Charges vs. Edison Eagles Tulsa Mid-Town Classic Football Game.  I'm not sure who the kids are with the painted chests, but the picture turned out really fun.  The second shot in more vanity, but it's of Calven Rosenthal running the ball in for 6 points.  Memorial won, this makes it 5 years in a row, (thus all the boys holding up 5 fingers).