Winter Wonderland

Here is a picture of Cinderella's castle adorned in festive Christmas lights. (Click on the picture to really see how pretty it is!)

To Sandy: This is for you!

Weather Worn

I have been looking through my pictures from Celeste's and my Paris trip from a few years ago. I found several pictures that I'm pleased with that I'll be posting over the next couple of weeks. Several of the pictures I'll post are gargoyles from the top of Cath├ędrale Notre Dame.

The first is this image of two very weather worn statues. It struck me as odd that some of the gargoyles held up very well and others were so warn by time. My best guess is that some face into oncoming weather more than others. If you have a thought, or better, actually know the answer, post a comment.

See other, previously posted, images of gargoyles here and here.

Photo Credit: Brad Rosenthal

Calven in Flight

I'm sitting here watching Monday Night Football (Packers vs. Bears) so I thought another football picture might be fun. Here is one of Calven tackling a Webster player. I was pleased with this action shot.

It's always sunny just a mile up...

On a recent flight, I had my camera and happened to notice a beautiful sunset in the distance. (Note the tip of the wing on the right edge of the photo.)

Christmas Flowers

I took this picture of a poinsettia garden during my recent trip to DisneyWorld. For more flower pictures click here to see "Yellow Flower", also here to see "Morning Glories".

2008 Turkey Bowl

Here is a music video of the highlights (wow, that's a stretch) of this years Turkey Bowl football game. This year the game was generational, the youngsters against the old men. The old men won! This is a tradition started by Dick Carson and Steve Carson (both of Reptilicus fame), and to my recollection this is the 31st annual game. Of course the sound track could be by none other than the late great Maynard Ferguson, the track is "Admiral's Horn" from the album "Storm".

See additional still shots at my post Turkey Bowl: GENERATIONS.

Video credit Brad Rosenthal

Holly Ball

A really good picture of Calven Rosenthal and Kari Rosenthal dressed nicely and on their way to the Memorial High School Holly Ball!

If you're gonna, this is the one...

My friend Rainey recoils at the notion of drinking from a public fountain. In fact, she didn't even want to ride in the car with me once, because I did. Something about me having too many germs. That said, if you're ever gonna drink out of a public fountain, this is the one you'd want to do it from. These are standard drinking fountains in the Mid-Contentment Building where I work.

My Office View....

Not the best picture in the whole world but it does give you an idea of where I am. My office is in the Mid Continent Tower on 4th and Boston. I look out over Boston to the west.

Come visit, I'd love to show you the beautiful Mid Continent Tower lobby and take you on a tour of the downtown tunnels.

Beauty in Desolation

I took this picture this fall at Keystone Lake. I was taken by how dead and tangled everything was, but it was still very beautiful. Also, it's freaking Monday.


This is a fun picture of a Memorial 9th grade player getting his clock cleaned.

Yellow Flower

Is it too early in the winter to start being ready for the flowers to bloom????

Photo Credit Brad Rosenthal


Here are several pictures from this years annual Turkey Bowl. Participants include such notables as Dick Carson, Steve Carson, Jeff Howard, Blaine Bunch and Calven Rosenthal. This year was the Generations Game. Old Men vs. the Kids: Old Men won!!!

Lake City, FL

294 miles so far. Getting 25.3 mpg!

This thing runs great.


Just got it!


Beautiful sunset in Tampa!


Who the hell knows? From my perspective, Kansas City and Nashville
look a lot alike!

Kansas City

Just a quick stop in Kansas City and then on to Nashville. Hey to all
my Kansas City friends!

President Lincoln Keeping it Real

This is a nice picture of President Lincoln from the Lincoln Memorial. When you see it close up, there is dust and bird droppings on it. Still an amazing statue.

Photo credit Brad Rosenthal

Ugly but cool

Here is another spider (a particularly ugly spider) that built a web in my backyard. Come to think of it, are any spiders actually attractive? Click here to see if this other spider is better?!?!?

Headed home

Overall I'd say we had a very good time. Five days is plenty. Truth is
you can't see all four parks in five days, but to stay any longer just
doesn't sound fun. I'm stunned by the parents that drag 3 year old
children through the park. The kids are not old enough to appriciate
what they are seeing and the parents are at their wits end putting up
with tires and screaming children. Funny.

The highlight of the whole trip for me was magic that Disney can't
begin to compete with; last night I got to see the 126th launch of the
Space Shuttle. The Endeavor launched at 755 at night and filled the
southern sky with a firey tale. It was amazing.

Someday I will come to Disney again, but it will be a while.

For those of you that followed my blog, thank you, I hope you had fun,
I did.

Flood and destruction

Disney is definately a 3 day vacation.

He seems taller in the movies!

Meeting Mickey was cool!

Marriage... a series of compromises.

Indiana Jones

The stunt show was great! Now I'm having to watch Beauty and the
Beast so that she'll ride Aerosmith.

Hollywood Studios

We're at the Indiana Jones stunt show and this dumbass is telling
(very loudly) the story of all of the movies. Pissing me off.

Tree of Life

Made from recycled plastic.

Kilomanjaro Safaris

The Safari is fantastic! It's the best thing we've seen so far!!!

I got great pictures with my good camera.

Jungle Tree Woman

This was cool. If you didn't slow down, you wouldn't notice her.


Fixing to get on!

I'll let you know!

Dumbass old man

This guy totally pissed me off. He butted in front of me and he
smelled terrible.

Note the elastic waist band jogging shorts and the clip on Dickies
suspenders. Really nice.

Christmas at Magic Kingdom

Well it's been a long but very fun day! We just had dinner in
Cinderella's Castle, they brought Celeste a fancy dessert with her
name in chocolate on the plate for her birthday! You can see in the
picture that the Castle glows with all of the Christmas lights! Right
now we're sitting I'm front of it.

We are looking forward now to the Christmas fireworks show. The purple
firework explosions will be beautiful against the blue Castle.

After the fireworks is the Christmas Parade down Main Street! It's
supposed to snow during the parade. I can't wait!

Tomorrow is Animal Kingdom; if my legs still work.

Main Street Parade

Front row seats!

Space Mountain

After that, I'm looking forward to a trip to ChiropracterLand!

Hangin' with the Mouse!

Big stage show at Cinderella's castle!

Magic Kingdom

Happiest damn place on Earth!

China Pavillion

It's been a great day. Two non event flights to get here sure made things better. We checked our bags and the Disney folks are supposed to pick them up and deliver them to our room. We are staying on the Pop Century resort, it's broken down by decade and we're in the 80s (very fitting don't you think?)

After checking I'm we headed straight to Epcot. The on property transportation is the only way to go! First thing we rode Spaceship Earth. It has been completely updated since the last time I was here 5 years ago. Then we went to The Land and road the big theatre ride. It was fun to see the dinosaurs. Then Mexico, not really my thing and the Donald Duck water ride is lame. Norway is the best. The buildings are beautiful and so are the tall blonde girls from Norway that work there.

Then we went to Germany for dinner, it was wonderful. Now we're outside the China Pavillion waiting on the fireworks! I love the fireworks, whether they are in Tulsa after the Drillers game or over the lake in Chicago.

We're having a good time. Tomorrow is Celeste's birthday and we're going to the Magic Kingdom. More posts tomorrow.

Bye for now!


Brad the Viking

The Norway Showcase is beautiful and seems very real.


Just made it to Epcot and rode Spaceship Earth!

Headed to Disney World

Celeste and I are headed to Disney World Monday morning. I will be making several blog entries per day that will chronicle our trip. I am turning off the update email, past this post (I don't want to pester everyone.) Feel free to send comments if you see a picture you like.

Today's photo is from the top of Splash Mountain, just before you plunge over the edge. This was taken during Kari's and my trip back in 2002. For another picture of Kari Rosenthal and her 2002 trip to Disney World, click here.

Kari the Ham

This is a picture of my daughter Kari Rosenthal mugging for a photo. She is dressed up for the Jenks Homecoming dance, (her boyfriend Stevie Bugh goes to Jenks.)

Almost hidden

I've taken a few weeks off due to all of the turmoil in my life. However, I'm back now. Please keep in touch and let me know how you're doing. You can see a lot of how I'm fairing by checking in daily to see my new picture.

Also, Celeste and I are headed to Disney World next week and I will be updating multiple times per day. That you can be jealous of me being on vacation!!!!

This is a picture of one of the beautiful blue morning glories through the trellis they grow on. I have another picture of the flowers here.

I hope everyone is doing OK.


Straight Up

Another picture from Washington D.C. I was standing at the base of the Washington Monument and looked up. The shadow on the the two faces that I could see were a great contrast, that couple with a beautiful blue sky, made for a very nice picture.

Those of you who have inquired where I've been the past few days, thank you for asking. It meant more to me than you know.

Blue Eyes

Another picture from Corben Rosenthal and Kristina DaVee's prom from May of 2008. I love this picture because of how the foliage in the background is in shadow, but I was able to position Corben and Kristina just so, that the sunlight shown in their faces. Look at how blue Kristina's eyes are.

I have done a couple of other posts of the Memorial Prom, Kristina and the Statue and Corben and Kristina.

Photo credit Brad Rosenthal

What a difference a year makes...

One year ago today, I was standing on the sideline of a Byrd Explorer football game shooting video for movie I was working on for the team. I was standing too close and should have moved. My oldest son Calven Rosenthal (#83) had a great run and I had the camera directed at him. What I didn't notice were the 3 defenders closing on him that ultimately pushed him out of bounds, straight in to me. The results were a lacerated forehead, a torn ACL and two fracture teeth. It took surgery to repair my leg and stitches to repair my forehead. I've been putting the teeth off.

One year later, I have 90% usage of my leg back thanks to aggressive therapy. I don't remember the pain so much as the inconvenience of not being able to walk for 2 months and all of the therapy.

Many of you may have seen this video on You Tube, but what is available here is a much higher resolution version of the incident. At some point I will post the whole movie that I filmed and edited for the 2007 Tulsa City Champion Byrd Explorers.

Iwo Jima Rainey

For my friend Rainey Talbot's 40th birthday I prepared a video that poked fun and had some good legitimate pictures of her from her work and home life. At some point, I will post the whole video. Today, I thought I'd show one of the silly pictures I Photoshopped to include Rainey in a famous scene. I'm including the original famous photo by Joe Rosenthal (no relation) of "Raising the Flag Over Iwo Jima", next is a fun picture of my friends Judy Gadlage, Linda Collie and Rainey Talbot. Last is the masterpiece of Rainey helping the Marines.

For a similar Photoshopped treatment see my blog Wicked that features Judy Gadlage.