Henry and the Puppies

We had to babysit (dogsit) John's two puppies. Henry has never really seen another dog, but he thought it was totally awesome that the puppies would chase him.

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The Elusive Deek

About 17 years ago, Steve Carson and I were bored and decided to follow Dick Carson and Tiffany as they took a walk around LaFortune Park. Of course, they had no idea that we were doing it, which made it so much more fun. The footage sat on an old VHS tape for better than a decade, but recently I rediscovered it and edited it down in iMovie. The results are the wildlife documentary "The Elusive Deek".

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Musée de l'Armée

The Musée de l'Armée is a museum at Les Invalides in Paris, France. While Celeste and I were touring, once again, I stood still in the same spot for some time waiting on the instant that no one would be in my picture. Even though this passage way looks deserted, there are people all around.