Are you ready for some football?!?!?

Here's one of Calven Rosenthal from Friday nights scrimmage.

Tulsa Skyline Icon

This is the roof of the building I work in, the Mid Continent Tower. The building is beautiful. Here are some other pictures from, around or about the my office; water fountain, lobby, office view.

Jealous of the Statue

This wasn't a posed picture and because of that I like it even more. Kari Rosenthal was sitting next to the statue and made a face. Christopher Eaton was just looking in here direction and I clicked. Fun picture! Click here to see a similar picture of Kristina DaVee from last year's prom.

Photo credit: Brad Rosenthal

I love my new lens!

I'm not sure who this guy is, but he's one of the receivers for the Tulsa Memorial Chargers. I was at Summer Pride practice about a month ago and got several great shots with my new camera lens! Look at the clarity of the moving ball (and person for that matter) and then the nice soft consistent blur of the background.

Louvre Snapshot

I wouldn't call this art by a long shot but it is extremely cool to show the scale and enormity of the Louvre. Celeste is not so far from me in the picture, but look over to the right, there is a man walking and you get the idea of how big things really are. By the way, the crowds are huge, they just don't walk this far over, most of them congregate at the glass pyramid which is behind me (from the perspective of how I took the picture).

Inca Ruins

Here is a picture of a long lost Inca Ruin that I discovered on one of my many expeditions to Mexico and South America. Fact is, I like how the orange building looked against the blue sky. The moon is cool too.

Rainey's 42nd Birthday

Here is a birthday video I did for Rainey for back when she was young and 40. Two years later, she's significantly older, but the video is still fun! Make sure to leave a comment for Rainey!

I want to go on record as saying that none of the photo's in this document have been retouched, enhanced or otherwise manipulated in any way.

Happy 42nd Birthday Rainey!!!!!

(If the movie won't play, click the title "Rainey's 42nd Birthday" then click play again.)

My new lens...

My new lens let me really zoom in on this little squirrel.

Goofy Kari and Christopher

My favorite picture I took today was this candid of Kari and Christopher acting silly. It turned out nice with the statue in the background.

Photo Credit: Brad Rosenthal

Sundown at Epcot

Not really anything to say, just liked how it turned out.

Look!!! My duck is back!!!

This is the third year in a row this duck has built a nest in my hydrangeas. Last year only one of her eggs hatched, the year before that 3 hatched and we had to help them up the street to the creek. My very first blog post was this duck from 2 years ago.

If I don't move, they can't see me!

This is Henry the Dog hiding in the ivy. He's incognito! Or something.
Click here to see an awesome Henry the Dog movie!

Tomb of the Unknowns

It's been a while since I've blogged regularly, but I think now that the weather is nice, I'll get the camera out and start again. If you have thoughts, I'd appreciate your comments.

Here is a nice picture of the columns from the outside of the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier.

Enough with the snow, ready for spring

Henry and the Puppies

We had to babysit (dogsit) John's two puppies. Henry has never really seen another dog, but he thought it was totally awesome that the puppies would chase him.

(If the movie doesn't load, click the title "Henry and the Puppies" and then the movie will play)

The Elusive Deek

About 17 years ago, Steve Carson and I were bored and decided to follow Dick Carson and Tiffany as they took a walk around LaFortune Park. Of course, they had no idea that we were doing it, which made it so much more fun. The footage sat on an old VHS tape for better than a decade, but recently I rediscovered it and edited it down in iMovie. The results are the wildlife documentary "The Elusive Deek".

(If the movie doesn't play, click the "Elusive Deek" blog title and the page will reload.)

Musée de l'Armée

The Musée de l'Armée is a museum at Les Invalides in Paris, France. While Celeste and I were touring, once again, I stood still in the same spot for some time waiting on the instant that no one would be in my picture. Even though this passage way looks deserted, there are people all around.