Tulsa Skyline Icon

This is the roof of the building I work in, the Mid Continent Tower. The building is beautiful. Here are some other pictures from, around or about the my office; water fountain, lobby, office view.

Jealous of the Statue

This wasn't a posed picture and because of that I like it even more. Kari Rosenthal was sitting next to the statue and made a face. Christopher Eaton was just looking in here direction and I clicked. Fun picture! Click here to see a similar picture of Kristina DaVee from last year's prom.

Photo credit: Brad Rosenthal

I love my new lens!

I'm not sure who this guy is, but he's one of the receivers for the Tulsa Memorial Chargers. I was at Summer Pride practice about a month ago and got several great shots with my new camera lens! Look at the clarity of the moving ball (and person for that matter) and then the nice soft consistent blur of the background.