For my friend Judy Gadlage's 50th birthday I took a picture of her and developed it into a series of images with a little help from Photoshop. I am including in today's blog, the original photo of Judy Gadlage, Rainey Talbot and Linda Collie (I didn't take this picture). I'm including the retouched photo of Judy and the poster that it ended up in.

For more of my very professional co-workers see the blog entry Dumb Friends.

Get me back in the game...

I was taking pictures at a Saturday morning scrimmage for the Memorial Chargers and Byrd Explorers. I'm not sure who this boy is (I think it's Jasen Lipich), but he was pacing the sideline anxious to get back in the game. I set the focus short on him and blurred the game in the distance. I was really pleased at how the photo turned out.

Photo credit Brad Rosenthal

Second City

An old snapshot from one of my favorite places. Go Cubs!!!

Jefferson from Washington

A couple of weeks ago I had a blog Washington from Jefferson, I thought I'd reverse it for today. This is a picture of the Jefferson Memorial taken with a tremendous zoom from the top of the Washington Monument. Fortunately it was a clear day and the details pop fairly well. I have several good pictures of the monuments in Washington D.C., click on the Washington D.C. label (below) to see all of them.

Photo credit Brad Rosenthal

Checkers the Cat

The only member of the family that hasn't made the blog is Checkers the Cat. She did not like getting her picture taken.

From the Metro Looking Down

I took this from the Metro Station in Paris near our hotel. The Metro station is in the little communities town square and there is a clock as the focal point (I'm standing behind the clock). If you notice the tables on the sidewalk on the right side of the picture, I saw three men shoot another man right there, while I was dining inside the bistro.

Dumb Friends

This is just a snapshot of my dumb friends, (Judy Gadlage, Rainey Talbot and Magnolia Daniels).

Kari and the Mouse

Once again, nothing artistic, just a snapshot. In 2002 Kari and I went on her 5th grade trip. She wanted to go to DisneyWorld. We had a great time together and I walked her legs off. As a souvenir, she picked out a great big stuffed Micky Mouse. When we got back to the room that evening, she crashed hard with Mickey.

Kristina and the Statue

This is a picture of my oldest son Corben's girlfriend, Kristina DaVee. This photo was taken in Tulsa at the fountain in front of the F&M Bank at Utica Square. Kristina always has a pretty smile and on this day her dress made her look particularly beautiful.

Photo credit: Brad Rosenthal

Corben's Journey to Eagle

This is the first time I've used a movie as my blog entry, so we'll see how it works out. On 1/27/07 my oldest son Corben Rosenthal had his Eagle Scout Ceremony at Southwood Bible Church in Tulsa. Corben is a member of Troop 8 in Tulsa, OK. I prepared this video from assorted photos taken of Corben over the course of his scouting career. Pictures of Celeste Rosenthal, Kari Rosenthal, Calven Rosenthal and Travis Norris also pepper the video because of their involvement with scouts. This was the first movie I made in iMovie.

Washington from Jefferson

This is a different view of the Washington Monument from inside the Jefferson Memorial. I had to wait on the instant that none of the thousands of people were in my shot to take this photo. I wish the shadows weren't quite so intense, but I was already carrying the heavy camera, with the heavy lens, I just didn't want to lug around the heavy speedlight.

Lazy Sunday Afternoon

This picture of Henry the Dog, is the definition of a Lazy Sunday Afternoon.

Yellow Spider

This spider made a web in my backyard and I took the picture this morning. What you can't tell from the photo is, the spider is the size of a silver dollar. It was huge! If it had jumped, Calven was prepared to take a picture of me...dead.. for tomorrow's post!

Calven's High School Football Debut'

From a quality standpoint, this picture is awful. The cool part is, this is Calven Rosenthal making his High School football debut. He was able to suit up and play with the Memorial Chargers in last nights game against the Edison Eagles, Memorial won 22-12!

More Gargoyles

Here is another picture of a gargoyle from the top of Cathédrale Notre Dame de Paris. To see the better picture (and my personal favorite of the two), look in my post named Notre Dame.

Henry's Ear

I decided to be stupid today. Here is a picture of Henry's ear! That's Kari in the background. (Make sure to click the picture, it's even better up close!)

Morning Glories

This is a picture of the morning glories from my backyard. They come back every year and make this wonderful canopy of flowers over the trellis near my patio.

Brad and the Kids - 2000

This picture is old, but I loved how it turned out. One day Corben, Kari, Calven and I were playing with the camera and decided to do a self portrait. This is how it turned out. Note, Checkers was also an unwilling participant.

A Different View of the Lincoln Monument

This picture of the columns of the Lincoln Monument was taken from the back. I love all of the columns in D.C. and felt that this picture turned out very nice.

Photo Credit Brad Rosenthal

Calven on the 40

Here is a picture of Calven from the 2007 Byrd Middle School season. Will Smith (45) handed off to Calven, who you see running down the sideline.

Photo credit Brad Rosenthal

Old Glory

My family was on vacation in Colorado Springs about 5 years ago. We were on a hike on a very primitive trail and we climbed to the top of this rocky slope. At the top, the was this beautiful old and weathered American Flag. When I snapped the picture, I didn't realize the spectrum effect would happen. The result was beautiful.

Basilique Sacré-Coeur, Paris

This is a photo of a picturesque street leading up to the Basilica of the Sacred Heart in Paris. The overwhelming beauty of the the Basilica is contrasted by the simplistic lines of an ordinary cobblestone street. I have very nice memories of this place.

Kari in the Nutcracker

My daughter Kari Rosenthal has been doing ballet since she was 3 years old. This is a picture of her performing in the Nutcracker presented by her ballet studio.

Notre Dame

This is a picture taken from the top of the Cathédrale Notre Dame de Paris. It was a very hazy day, and I didn't have my good camera at this point. Evenso, the picture is fun.

Labor Day 5K Run

Happy Labor Day! Every year there is a 5K run scheduled on Labor day that goes through my neighborhood right in front of my house. If I were motivated, I would have been out there running with them, but instead, I grabbed my camera and took pictures. This is one of the things I really love about Tulsa, the community involvement and general readiness of neighbors to support things like this 5K run. I've posted 2 pictures; the first is just my favorite, the second is a picture of a couple of runners with my house in the background.

Photo credit Brad Rosenthal