Kari as Clara in the Nutcracker

Kari and Christopher Wedding Video

I don't think anyone ever comes to this blog anymore, but just incase I thought I'd include the wedding video I did for Kari and Chris.  They were actually married a little over a year ago, on December 21, 2012.  They're good kids and I love them.

More from Paris

Here is another gargoyle from the top of Notre Dame.  It looks like Kari Rosenthal will be studying for a semester in France next year, so maybe some new pictures with a fresh perspective if Celeste and I go to visit her while she's away.  For the next few days I'll finish off my chosen shots from Paris and be done with this round.

Mid Town Classic 2011

I haven't been posting pictures for a while, so I think I may start up again.  Some of them are from older trips, but they're still good (I think).  Anyway to get things started off, here are a few pictures from the 2011 Memorial Charges vs. Edison Eagles Tulsa Mid-Town Classic Football Game.  I'm not sure who the kids are with the painted chests, but the picture turned out really fun.  The second shot in more vanity, but it's of Calven Rosenthal running the ball in for 6 points.  Memorial won, this makes it 5 years in a row, (thus all the boys holding up 5 fingers).

Corben and Kristina's Wedding Video

This is a wedding video I put together for Corben and Kristina. Everyone saw it for the first time at the rehearsal dinner on June 30, 2011, the day before the wedding.

Not always football...

Kari was home this weekend and she was teasing me that I hadn't updated my blog in a while.  She said even when I did, it was always pictures of football.  So...here is a picture of pretty Kari in her football uniform!

Stick in there, Spring's just around the corner!

Colorado 2010

My parents in law treated the whole family to a wonderful vacation in Estes Park, CO this past July, 2010. Here is a video I made for the family from pictures and video from our trip.

There are other pictures from our vacation at titled "Cool and Refreshing" , "Great Vacation in Colorado" , "Colorado Columbine" , "Mountain Man Corben" , and "Top of the Mountain".  

2010 Turkey Bowl

Calven makes a big tackle

For more Memorial Football photos go to http://www.memorialfootball.org/

Memorial vs. Hale All City

Memorial vs. Hale in our first All City pre-season game!  Memorial won 3-0.  
So here's the question, I went to Hale, but Calven plays for Memorial, guess who I rooted for?  OK all my Hale alumni friends, who would you root for?!?!?

First Day of School...10 Years Ago!

This picture was taken on the first day of school 10 years ago this week.  Now Corben is Junior at OU, Kari's first day at OU is today, and Calven in a Junior at Memorial.

I'm not looking back
But I want to look around me now
Time stand still
See more of the people and the places that surround me now
Time Stands still
Freeze this moment a little bit longer
Make each sensation a little bit stronger
Experience slips away

Cool and Refreshing

Just looking at this picture will help combat the oppressive 104ยบ weather. 

Kari and Christopher Again

Giant Spider

This spider would barely fit in the palm of your hand.  Huge and colorful and a little scary.

Great Vacation in Colorado

Brad Rosenthal, Corben Rosenthal, Celeste Rosenthal, Chris Eaton, Calven Rosenthal, Kari Rosenthal, Kristina DaVee, Loyce Robbins


Colorado Columbine

Beautiful mountain flowers.

Top of the Mountain

I'm going to do four days in a row of my blog.  All will be pictures from my recent family vacation to Estes Park, Colorado.  This is a beautiful view of a mountain (after a 4.5 mile hike straight up).

Mountain Man Corben

From our recent trip to Colorado.

March 28, 3 months ago...

I took this picture from my front porch on March 28, 2010.  Amazing how much diversity Oklahoma weather can have in just 90 days.

Corben and Kristina

It's funny, the picture does not represent the mood of the night at all.  Corben and Kristina were helping me take pictures at a football game and at a point went up in the stands to rest, everyone was having a good time.  I was far away with a big zoom and got this picture.  Both look so forlorn that naturally I had to pile on by making the picture black and white.

Hey 5A, here come the Chargers!

The Memorial Chargers have moved from 6A (with Union, Jenks and Broken Arrow) to 5A where they belong!  This should be a great season.  I can't wait!

It's easy if you have a good model...

Congratulations Kari!  I'm proud of you!!!

Hum Along if you Know the Words

OK, now think of the song that played when you saw Mickey wearing this hat during Fantasia.  There you go...you humming it yet?!?!?  That ought to be just about enough to keep it that song stuck in your head for the rest of the day.  You can thank me the next time you see me.

Gray in Color

Took this picture of my office building on a very gray cloudy day.  I did no PhotoShopping on the photo.

Henry the Dog!

Jeff on the Set

Jeff is currently in the process of making his third movie. This one is called "Teaching Faith". This was a good candid shot of Jeff on the set. The sun caught things just right.

Celeste's Iris

Pretty Kari

Kari's prom was yesterday and I got to take pictures! Kari was beautiful and Christopher was very handsome. I am posting several pictures at http://bradrosenthal.com .

Yes Mr. Birch, everything looks very clean.

Go to http://bradrosenthal.com to add your own caption. Funniest wins!

Chris and the Fountain

This is Chris Eaton, Kari's boyfriend. This is a nice picture of him from at the F&M Bank Fountain from last years (2009) prom. Kari's prom (Memorial High School) is just a few days away and I'm anxious to get several great pictures of Kari and Chris again this year. There are a couple of other good shots from the 2009 prom at "Jealous of the Statue" and "Goofy Kari and Christopher" . Check back next week for new prom pictures.

Springtime at Woodward Park


They smell alot like they look...


Epcot at Night

http://bradrosenthal.com This is from Celeste's and my vacation to Disneyworld back in November of 2008. We were exiting Epcot after the fireworks show and the lights changed on the Epcot giant ball. I love how it goes from orange to blue then to the dark black sky.

Can't wait for the new season!

Calven has been getting letters from the Kansas Jayhawks, Stanford and other smaller schools. It's all very exciting! Summer Pride starts the week after school let's out. Calven is scheduled to attend camps in Norman and at the University of Kansas. http://bradrosenthal.com .

Corben and Kari

A good picture of Corben and Kari in the lobby of the Mid-Continent building.

Decided to start blogging again...

It's been almost a year since I've updated my blog and I've missed it. Just an update for those who are wondering, I'm no longer with StoneHenge having left in November. I'm looking for a position currently, and that includes working at developing my own company, Failsafe Hazmat Compliance.
Visit http://bradrosenthal.com for pictures of the kids, Henry, prom season and football. I am also working on several new short movies that will be coming soon.

Are you ready for some football?!?!?

Here's one of Calven Rosenthal from Friday nights scrimmage.

Tulsa Skyline Icon

This is the roof of the building I work in, the Mid Continent Tower. The building is beautiful. Here are some other pictures from, around or about the my office; water fountain, lobby, office view.

Jealous of the Statue

This wasn't a posed picture and because of that I like it even more. Kari Rosenthal was sitting next to the statue and made a face. Christopher Eaton was just looking in here direction and I clicked. Fun picture! Click here to see a similar picture of Kristina DaVee from last year's prom.

Photo credit: Brad Rosenthal

I love my new lens!

I'm not sure who this guy is, but he's one of the receivers for the Tulsa Memorial Chargers. I was at Summer Pride practice about a month ago and got several great shots with my new camera lens! Look at the clarity of the moving ball (and person for that matter) and then the nice soft consistent blur of the background.

Louvre Snapshot

I wouldn't call this art by a long shot but it is extremely cool to show the scale and enormity of the Louvre. Celeste is not so far from me in the picture, but look over to the right, there is a man walking and you get the idea of how big things really are. By the way, the crowds are huge, they just don't walk this far over, most of them congregate at the glass pyramid which is behind me (from the perspective of how I took the picture).

Inca Ruins

Here is a picture of a long lost Inca Ruin that I discovered on one of my many expeditions to Mexico and South America. Fact is, I like how the orange building looked against the blue sky. The moon is cool too.

Rainey's 42nd Birthday

Here is a birthday video I did for Rainey for back when she was young and 40. Two years later, she's significantly older, but the video is still fun! Make sure to leave a comment for Rainey!

I want to go on record as saying that none of the photo's in this document have been retouched, enhanced or otherwise manipulated in any way.

Happy 42nd Birthday Rainey!!!!!

(If the movie won't play, click the title "Rainey's 42nd Birthday" then click play again.)

My new lens...

My new lens let me really zoom in on this little squirrel.

Goofy Kari and Christopher

My favorite picture I took today was this candid of Kari and Christopher acting silly. It turned out nice with the statue in the background.

Photo Credit: Brad Rosenthal

Sundown at Epcot

Not really anything to say, just liked how it turned out.