Reptilicus 1985

When I was 17 years old, several of my friends and I thought it would be a good idea to make a movie. We rented a video camera (no one owned cameras then, they were too expensive), we got all of our friends to be in the movie and made a 15 minute epic called Reptilicus. It was all filmed in Tulsa, we edited it all ourselves (tape to tape, long before iMovie) and had the debut at the old Fontana 6 movie theatre (much of it was filmed there too). This movie features my friends; Dick Carson, Steve Carson, Jeff Howard, Blaine Bunch, Kenny Yocum, Gramn Rosenthal, Gene Curtis and Celeste Robbins (not yet Celeste Rosenthal) as well as many other folks (some of whom I haven't talked to in years).

The story is silly, and the quality is laughable. The original video tape was very old and I was barely able to convert it to a digital format, so forgive the graininess. Poor quality and silly or not, to me, the images in this video are priceless. I'm so glad we made this movie because as I look back at it 23 years later, it really is a treasure.


Sandy L Martin said...

I totally can tell you were in band.

Anonymous said...

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