Headed home

Overall I'd say we had a very good time. Five days is plenty. Truth is
you can't see all four parks in five days, but to stay any longer just
doesn't sound fun. I'm stunned by the parents that drag 3 year old
children through the park. The kids are not old enough to appriciate
what they are seeing and the parents are at their wits end putting up
with tires and screaming children. Funny.

The highlight of the whole trip for me was magic that Disney can't
begin to compete with; last night I got to see the 126th launch of the
Space Shuttle. The Endeavor launched at 755 at night and filled the
southern sky with a firey tale. It was amazing.

Someday I will come to Disney again, but it will be a while.

For those of you that followed my blog, thank you, I hope you had fun,
I did.