2008 Turkey Bowl

Here is a music video of the highlights (wow, that's a stretch) of this years Turkey Bowl football game. This year the game was generational, the youngsters against the old men. The old men won! This is a tradition started by Dick Carson and Steve Carson (both of Reptilicus fame), and to my recollection this is the 31st annual game. Of course the sound track could be by none other than the late great Maynard Ferguson, the track is "Admiral's Horn" from the album "Storm".

See additional still shots at my post Turkey Bowl: GENERATIONS.

Video credit Brad Rosenthal


Anonymous said...

BRAVO, BRAVO. Thanks for taking the time to film, edit, and post that.

Anonymous said...

Nice work Mr. Rosenthal! You've done yourself proud.

Sonia Hobbs said...

Thank yoou for sharing